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Why is the wear resistance of SPC click floor stonger?

Update:2021/11/21 15:17:15 Views:12

Many families with wooden floors know that the surface of wooden floors is easy to be scratched. Even small particles in the sole can easily leave scratches on the surface of wooden floors. The warped and mottled surface of the wooden floor after use for a period of time makes people can't bear to be intuitive. In this way, many people look forward to a super wear-resistant floor, and the super wear-resistant SPC vinyl floorring just caters to this point. Today, let's learn why SPC click vinyl floor is wear-resistant.

1、 First, from the structure of SPC luxury vinyl click floor, UV layer: this layer determines the anti fouling ability of the floor and the ability to protect the color film layer (UV coating), and the responsible factory process will undergo UV at least twice; Wear resistant layer: it basically determines the service life of our floor. It is also the key layer to determine the wear resistance of the floor. The thickness is generally 0.3mm to 0.7mm; Color film layer: it is the floor pattern and color we can see directly; SPC rigid core material: it is made of PVC and calcium powder; Optional additional layer: it mainly plays a role in increasing sound insulation effect and foot comfort. SPC latch floor not only adds a wear-resistant layer, but also UV layer protects the floor to a certain extent and increases the service life of the floor.

2、 From the production process of SPC click lock flooring, the main raw material of SPC is PVC material and mixed calcium powder. The SPC substrate is extruded by extruder combined with T-shaped die. The PVC wear-resistant layer, PVC color film and SPC substrate are heated, bonded and embossed by three roll or four roll calender at one time. It is a product without glue. SPC vinyl plank flooring is stronger and more wear-resistant than wood materials in terms of raw materials, and the one-time forming process also increases the stability of the floor structure.

3、 From the feedback of customers for many years, the wear resistance of SPC flooring has been unanimously recognized and praised by customers. For example, a customer happily said when buying back recently that his customer had a spaniel and didn't worry about scratches after laying SPC floors. The super wear resistance of SPC rigid core vinyl floor makes SPC flooring become the floor of schools, shopping malls and other places with high requirements for floor wear resistance.

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