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Reasons To Choose PVC Homogeneous Floor In Medical Environment

Update:2021/12/2 20:52:25 Views:5

For the medical environment, the ground laying material is an important aspect, and it is modern, healthy, and environmentally friendly.

This requirement is the core of high-end PVC homogeneous floor China manufacturer, and most foreign hospitals have the flooring.

Vision therapy

Flooring is part of building a hospital environment. The sheet vinyl flooring China manufacturer is rich in color, and the design of the pattern makes the color collocation clear. For example, in the children's ward, the clever color matching of the PVC floor virtually eliminated children's resistance to the hospital and played a role of "visual treatment".


Security protection

Resilient sheet flooring China manufacturer uses advanced production technology to make the surface of the product free of pores, so that dirt cannot penetrate deep inside. Antibacterial properties provide permanent bactericidal and bacteriostatic treatment to prevent the proliferation of microorganisms inside and outside the floor. 



The PVC homogeneous floor China manufacturer adopts a multi-layer composite structure and a homogeneous through-center structure. It uses reasonable friction coefficient and cleverly disperses walking pressure and shock absorption performance to ensure walking safety.

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