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The features of the SPC rigid vinyl plank:
(1) 100% waterproof, applicable to any indoor area except outdoor.
(2) high environmental protection, 0 formaldehyde, food grade;
(3) fire grade B1 grade, the highest floor level standard, suitable for high requirements of fire protection.
(4) high strength wear resistance;
(5) waterproof anti-skid, mothproof antiseptic;
(6) comfortable, good sound absorption effect;
(7) easy to install and easy to maintain;
(8) the real texture of wood can be reacted, and the different colors can be adjusted according to the needs.
(9) WPC floor in the indoor temperature of 0 DEG C deformation risk; SPC floor is suitable for extremely cold (-20 C) to extreme heat (60 DEG C) of the interior space

SPC flooring

3C Industrial has a strict quality control system on our vinyl flooring material.

1.Wear resistance test of SPC floor: Dajulong floor reach Wear resistance P level or T level.

PVC vinyl flooring

2. formaldehyde percentage testing

PVC vinyl flooring

SPC flooring testing

3. Flame Retardant Test

SPC flooring sheet

Dajulong floor

4. Water resistant testing.

5. tear resistent and peeling strength testing.

We acccept third party test for our vinyl flooring products, both rigid vinyl plank and flexible vinyl  rolls

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