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PVC Homogeneous Floor For Elevators

Update:2021/10/17 20:55:17 Views:29

In fact, when the elevator is in use, the elevator company is equipped with a simple elevator PVC homogeneous floor. However, in order to meet the user's requirements for the high-end elevator, the property company is subliminally changing to marble. However, this practice also poses certain safety hazards to the elevator. And efficiency of use. The novel homogeneous floor can be considered in the grade and safety, durability and so on. It can be said that it is the most perfect elevator floor material.

1, power saving

The homogeneous plastic floor and accessories of an elevator are about 20 kg, saving a lot of electricity bills in one year.

2, easy to clean, can be refurbished

Homogeneous floor is stain-resistant and easy to clean, and daily maintenance is very simple;

After a period of use, you can maintain the bright color of the new installation through "refurbishment and maintenance".

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