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New arrival PSPC vs traditional SPC vinyl plank

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Nowadays, you can see the shadow of SPC vinyl plank flooring in everywhere. What you value when choosing it for decoration is its excellent green environmental protection. The main component of the SPC click vinyl floor is natural stone powder, which does not contain any radioactive elements, does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, etc. It is a very green and environmentally friendly floor decoration material. Moreover, there are thousands of color film patterns and colors, and the design close to solid wood grain is refreshing and meets the individual needs of countless consumers.

Application of SPC

From May 2021, with the crazy increase in ocean freight, many overseas buyers are suffering from the increasing shipping cost. Because SPC floors are heavy goods, the capacity of a container is limited, and the large contrast between the value of the goods and the freight has made many large and small buyers sigh. In order to help buyers improve their efficiency, our factory has researched and manufactured a light weight SPC floor. Let’s introduce our new products to you.

1. The new PSPC of the same thickness and size is 32% lighter than the traditional SPC. As a result, the number of containers will be greatly increased. Customers can get more floor squares by paying the same freight. For example, for SPC floor with a thickness of 5mm, the traditional SPC floor size is 230*1220mm. The weight of a single plank is about 2.8kg. The weight of a single piece of PSPC is 1.9kg., a 20-foot small cabinet is calculated according to the weight limit of 24 tons, and the traditional SPC can be installed 2300 square meters. PSPC can be installed 3400 square meters.

New Arrival PSPC

2.The surface is treated with transparent melamine, no PVC wear-resistant layer is required, 140 degrees hot-pressed color film, very high definition, excellent stronger wear resistance, the abrasion class of traditional SPC with wear-resistant layer 0.5mm. is 5000 cycles, and abrasion class of the new SPC wear resistance is 10000 cycles. . It is also resistant to cigarette butts and stains.

3.The painted bevel completely covers the edge of the color film paper, rejects any edge warping, and perfectly creates a super peeling strength.

painted bevel

You can not only but more quantity with one container of the same thickness as the traditional SPC, but also buy new products to seize the market, and ear. more money.

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