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We are always ready to provide you with quality service, for you to create a warm, comfortable environment, has won widespread praise customers, creating quality projects for customers, the company mainly produces pvc floor business, homogeneous through the heart floor, Stone Plastic Floor, rubber floor, etc., our company's aim: integrity, quality first, quality service, build industry-leading service platform. Great dragon pvc floor is widely used in residential, office buildings, schools, medical institutions, factories, sports fields, engine room, traffic things and facilities of the ground pavement, your support is our motivation, your needs is our pursue.

Czech Republic's services for the company to establish a good corporate image, with a professional training, excellent quality and experienced PVC flooring professional sales and construction team, the 3C Industrial will strive for excellence, your satisfaction is our goal, the company set Consulting, design, sales, installation, nursed back to health.

3C pvc flooring manufacturers, integrity, dedication to the general customer service.

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