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Shanghai 3C Industry Co., Ltd is professional SPC floor, WPC floor and PVC vinyl floor manufacturer in China. With professional production team and sales/aftersale service, 3C achieved great success since it established.


Company News
2021/8/13 19:16:42
What is modified loose lay baseboard
The modified loose lay method requires that the flooring be cut 1/4˝ (6.4 mm) away from all vertical surfaces such as walls, cabinets, pipes, etc. This gap will then be covered with molding or wall base. With this method the flooring should be allowed to “float” freely over the subfloor.
2020/3/20 18:55:19
Advantages Of Homogeneous Flooring Over Other Ordinary Floors
According to research, homogeneous ventilated floors are becoming more and more popular in the international market. It all depends on these advantages of homogeneity.
2020/1/17 12:10:00
Luxury Waterproof Vinyl Plank(LVP) Flooring China supplier
this is about Luxury Waterproof Vinyl Plank(LVP) Flooring China supplier
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Industry News
2021/9/18 15:35:12
Will peel and stick tile stick to subfloor
Peel and stick tiles can be installed over almost any type of subfloor, though it is important to properly prepare the floor first to avoid problems with your tile flooring. When installing over existing oriented strand board (OSB), an underlayment must be added between the OSB and the tiles.
2021/9/18 15:31:11
Does peel and stick flooring come off easily
Some potential homeowners will want to replace it with other materials like natural stone. For this reason, it may impact the resale value of your home to some degree. However, it's important to note that peel and stick is easy to remove, allowing a buyer to replace the flooring if they desire.
2021/9/18 15:22:36
Does peel and stick ruin floors
Expert Opinion: Mostly False. Some people believe that peel and stick flooring can damage your existing floor or leave behind a residue when you pull it up. ... Our peel and stick flooring is designed to have a sturdy grip while you're walking around on it, but it also comes up easily when you want to remove it.
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