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Conductive Vinyl Flooring Rolls In The Computer Room

Update:2021/9/26 23:01:18 Views:1

Static electricity is ubiquitous in everyday life, and electrostatic hazards can cause quite serious consequences and losses. In the large, medium and small computer room, in order to avoid the adverse effects of static electricity on the equipment room, it is necessary to consider the device to use anti-static floor.

Useg(Conductive Anti-Static Flooring China manufacturer):

1. The ability to use the adjustability of the anti-static floor to eliminate the unevenness on the ground and ensure the overall level of the ground on the machine room.

2. Conducive to the repair and protection of the bottom of the equipment.

3. It can protect various cables, wires, data lines and sockets from damage.

4. The equipment room can use the space under the floor as the static air pressure of the air conditioner to obtain the satisfied airflow organization. Regardless of the computer equipment installation, the air conditioner can be air-conditioned to pass through the air outlet of the anti-static floor.

5. The equipment in the equipment room can be easily laid and repaired under the anti-static floor, making the machine room neat and beautiful.

6. Eliminate damage to the human body caused by the cable.

7. When the static charge can be leaked to the ground and the electromagnetic radiation is reflected.

8. Simplify the UK and give greater flexibility to the changes and expansion of equipment in the future.


Widely applied to Electronics,microelectronics,telecommunications,network floor,clean room,computer room and other precision instrument and room for equipment operation.

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