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Woven vinyl flooring VS nylon carpet

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Luxury woven vinyl flooring is waterproof, non-slip and incredibly hard wearing. it is a unique option for boats, home and commercial settings from head office to home office, bedrooms to wet rooms.

Specifications as below:
    Craft : Unique woven pattern
    Material : 100% PVC
    Structure : The surface is PVC braided, and the bottom is hot-melt PVC compound bottom
    Size : customized
    Regular size :The width of per roll is 2m, length is 20-25m; Sheet square 50x50cm; Sheet triangle 50x50cm
    Applicable place : Hotels, restaurants, offices, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, meeting rooms, corridors, kindergartens, etc.

Product features: Environmental protection, no odor, waterproof, anti-skid, moisture-proof, easy to clean, fireproof and flame retardant, electrostatic insulation, etc. it fills the shortcomings of ordinary plush carpets that are not waterproof, moisture-proof and difficult to clean. At the same time, its unique woven texture, artistic texture and wide application are deeply loved by the majority of friends.

Comparison with other products

The woven vinyl offers the look and feel of natural sisal, wool, jute, seagrass and wood, but made from tough, durable and easy to clean vinyl, is a perfect washable flooring alternative for busy homes, offices, shops, restaurants and hotels.
From home interiors to offices and hotels, the flooring and rugs offer practical, hard-wearing
solutions with plenty of styles.

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