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Why choose stone composite flooring instead of laminate flooring

Update:2022/5/1 16:50:42 Views:2

In abroad, always in the high-end shopping malls or owners to see the colorful floor particularly good-looking, the floor choice is not only solid wood flooring and Lamibate flooring. In fact, the rapid development of building materials market, the new floor will be introduced every year.

Stone plastic vinyl floor is widely accepted as a great feature of it is that it can basically completely replace the composite floor. It is more used in commercial establishments, such as schools, hotels, health centers, etc., also some hardcover apartments.

Why choose stone composite flooring instead of laminate flooring?

When choose the floor, people may concern about the issue of environmental protection the most. The traditional floor material, regardless of solid wood flooring or laminate flooring, no matter how the material itself is environmental protection, natural, but in the paving or floor synthesis always use glue, this will inevitably produce formaldehyde.

In addition to environmental protection, it also has some advantages. Wooden floor can not always avoid the deformation, the risk of parasites, but the material of the stone plastic floor determines its stability and high wear resistance.

Understand the function, many buyers are concerned about the apperance, are these the color of this high-tech products is not very single ah? Don't worry about these, stone plastic floor style is very rich, design and manufacture of almost any model can be copied.

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