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What type of texture can we make on spc flooring surface

Update:2021/2/1 21:47:01 Views:5

In 2013, when SPC technology was just started in China, 3C Industry was the first to research and develop SPC technology, customizing and designing different machines, such as extrusion screws, laminating machines, etc. So what does SPC flooring look like? Is it a totally different flooring product when compared with luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) or WPC engineered flooring?

Let’s find the similar features first, the texture that anyone can simply found by just looking at the material.Like LVT /LVP /WPC,  we can have multi-types of texture on spc flooring surface as well, for example, the most popular one: Deep embossed surface, Crystal embossed surface, Embossed in register (EIR), Marble embossed etc. Which mean you choose exactly the same texture on spc flooring as on LVT or wpc, there is no risk to teach your customers again about this.

In the meanwhile,  we also work very closely with mold design company who can provide and develop a bunch of new texture per year.

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