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What is the fire resistance of vinyl floor sheet

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In our country, the flammability of homogeneous vinyl floor is divided into the following grades, A grade: non-ignitable vinyl floor sheet, B1: difficult to ignite commercial vinyl floor, B2: ignitable homogeneous vinyl floors, B3 Grade: It is easy to ignite PVC floor, through these conditions to judge the anti-ignition grade of PVC vinyl flooring! As an important part of the site, the floor should have the characteristics of fire prevention and flame retardant.

Generally speaking, in the flooring market, PVC membrane flooring has this feature. But at present, there are many kinds of PVC coiled flooring on the market. When purchasing PVC coiled flooring, the PVC homogeneous flooring that is often mentioned has the properties of fire resistance and not easy to ignite, and its fire resistance can reach B1 level. What is the fire resistance of this building material?
According to the standards of relevant national departments, the combustion performance (fire resistance) of vinyl homogeneous floor (belonging to building materials) can be divided into the following categories: (1) Grade A: non-combustible building materials that hardly produce burning substances. (2) Grade B1: Building materials that are difficult to ignite. The materials that are difficult to ignite have a good effect of preventing combustion. They are difficult to ignite when exposed to a fire source in oxygen or at high temperature, and are not easy to spread rapidly. Ignition stops quickly. (3) Class B2: Combustible building materials, ignitable materials have a small amount of flame retardancy, they will immediately catch fire and burn when exposed to a fire source in oxygen or under the action of high temperature, which is easy to cause fire, such as wood products, wooden stairs , wooden beams, wooden frames, etc. (4) Grade B3: Combustible building materials, do not have any fire-retardant effect and are easy to burn. Therefore, the fire hazard of such building materials is high. From the above analysis, we can clearly see that the fire protection standard of good quality vinyl homogeneous floor can reach B1 level, and its protective performance is second only to stone. The vinyl membrane floor itself is not easy to burn, and it can also prevent burning. The smoke produced by the high-quality PVC commercial floor lighting will not cause harm to the human body, nor will it produce suffocating toxic and harmful gases.

So homogeneous vinyl flooring sheet is always used for hospitals, supermarkets, and other commercial areas!

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