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What is the difference between PVC dance floor and sports floor

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PVC sports flooring is made of PVC material, which is suitable for floor decoration materials in sports places. It is made of multi-layer structure, including wear-resistant layer, glass fiber layer, elastic foaming layer, base layer, etc. In recent years, PVC sports flooring mat has been widely used in major sports events, which shows that the prospect of PVC sports flooring sheet is still relatively broad. (dance floor) and dance floor sheet is a kind of soft polyvinyl chloride, which is specially made for dance venues. It has a certain cushioning effect, not astringent, not slippery and flexible. The surface of the dance floor roll is delicate and has no protruding texture, which can make the dancer rotate 360 degrees more smoothly. At the same time, it also has a corresponding friction coefficient to prevent dancers from falling and getting hurt. The texture of the surface of the sports flooring mat roll is relatively protruding, and the friction resistance is large, which will affect some movements of the dancers. In serious cases, it may also cause the dancers to fall and get injured.

(dance floor) the rubber surface of the sports floor is designed for anti-skid, which is beneficial to the athletes, but not conducive to the dancers to complete the dance movements. The wear-resistant layer on the surface of sports floor sheet has more contact with dancers, and rotation is one of the most basic movements of dance. Frequent rotation in the same position will affect the wear-resistant layer of sports ground glue. Therefore, when we choose the floor glue, we try to choose the rubber flooring rolls in the corresponding place, which is more conducive to our future use and maintenance.

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