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What is Wood Veneer SPC flooring

Update:2020/8/1 16:53:57 Views:57

The main difference between SPC and Wood Veneer SPC (WSPC) is that WSPC has a real wood layer in place of the decorative vinyl film, giving the plank a perfectly realistic look. The real solid wood veneer can be European oak, White oak, Ash, Hickory, Walnut, Birch, Maple, Bamboo, Acacia, etc.

WSPC is not to be confused with WPC, which is another type of engineered vinyl tile with a core made of a wood plastic composite, which is more comfortable but less resistant.

The advantage on a visual level is that the tiles made with real wood veneer have no pattern repetition and are different from one another, therefore they can recreate the original surface of wood pavements with their characteristic grain, maintaining the impact and water resistance of SPC flooring.

The options for veneer wood: 0.6mm – 1.2mm. The most popular size for planks are 165mm x 1200mm, 170mm*1220mm. 100% water proof, soundproof, E0 grade formaldehyde free, wonderful feet feelings, durable and stable, convenient installation. It’s the new trend in flooring industry.

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