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What Is SPC Hybrid Flooring

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Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) – made from limestone and PVC

SPC hybrid flooring stands for Stone Plastic Composite. Known for being 100% waterproof, fireproof, cost-effective and eco-friendly flooring option for home or commercial space. The engineered luxury vinyl planks use the latest technologies to combine the advantages of natural wood and stone at an affordable price point. The waterproof of nature of vinyl, and the durability of laminate SPC , making it an ideal choice for high-traffic and commercial environments.

SPC rigid hybrid flooring is typically comprised of 4 layers.

Backing Layer: The base layer of many rigid hybrid floors has an attached underlayment, such as EVA, IXPE and CORK. A quality SPC floor will have a foam pad that has both vapor and sound barrier capabilities.

SPC Core: This is the main part! SPC flooring contains a solid, waterproof core. This rigid core is super dense, waterproof, and much more supportive than PVC. This core is ultra-dense, which make it can bear high traffic.

Printed Vinyl Layer: This is the vinyl look identical to natural materials like stone and wood. Often, rigid core SPC hybrid flooring is the highest quality vinyl on the market. The most realistic looks make people feel they are real wood/stone!

Wear Layer: The wear layer exists to protect the vinyl against dents, scratches, etc. The thicker the wear layer, the buffer your bodyguard. The buff, beefy wear layer offering more protection is popular known for hybrid SPC flooring.

What are the Benefits of SPC Hybrid Flooring?

Water-Resistance: Hybrid floors are 100% waterproof, which makes hybrid floors perfect option for high-moisture areas of home, such as kitchens, that’s why water-resistance is a feature that many people look for when purchasing flooring for their home.

Easy to Install: No nails are needed during installing SPC hybrid flooring. Each plank is designed with a click-lock system that makes floating the floors a breeze. With acoustic pad already attached to the underside of the planks, these floors are with better soundproof performance.

Affordability: If you’re renovating on a budget but still want durable and long-lasting floors, rigid core is the way to go. Hybrid flooring is affordable because of the composition. By using plastic and limestone, hybird floors are cheaper than alternatives such as timber. You don’t have to sacrifice beauty, either, as most SPC floors are designed with a wood-look or stone-look surface. Rigid hybrid floors are also a floating floor, which can be installed directly over the existing floor. This reduces the cost of preparation and installation.

Durability: Hybrid floors are also very hard-wearing, can be used for high traffic areas, and can hold their own against pets, and children. The top coat of all hybrid floors are made of highly durable substances like a UV coating, which allows them to withstand dents and scratches. Hybrid SPC flooring is so durable that it’s suited for commercial and residential usage.

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