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Transportation Flooring

The construction of bus, high-speed rail or train etc., it requires the materials with the features like light weight, small footprint. The ground material, such as floor tile, marble, wood floor, carpet, etc., all don't have this kind of features. PVC Plastic Flooring is the best choose. PVC Plastic Floor per unit volume and per unit area are far less than the marble tiles, such as floor of wooden material, so the PVC Plastic Floor is necessary product for modern transportation.
PVC Plastic Flooring

The biggest requirement of transportation flooring is anti-skid and wear resistance. In order to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers, safety is very important. Great anti-skid performance can ensure the safety of passengers in the process of travel.
homogeneous vinyl flooring

PVC Plastic Flooring is a kind of wear-resisting material: On the one hand, it is made of non-flammable materials, so it has a good impact resistance. On the other hand, the PVC wear-resistant layer specially added in the production process is also an important factor that leads to its becoming more anti-stampede and anti-friction.Based on these two reasons, super anti - skid performance has become one of the characteristics of PVC Plastic Flooring.So use this kind of material to decorate traffic vehicle, let safety have safeguard more.

PVC flooring

Cut out convenient, installation is simple: PVC Plastic Flooring is favored by the transportation industry, because it is very agile, the characteristic that facilitates cut out installation also is among them a influence factor.Unlike ordinary flooring materials, which are difficult to cut, this material can be adjusted according to actual needs, so that it can be easily installed on the ground.
vinyl flooring

The special structure and material: The surface layer with dense structure and high elastic foaming cushion is treated seamlessly, which has strong supporting force and is not easy to break the cushioned heavy glassware when it falls to the ground, to ensure the comfortable feeling of feet and close to the carpet. It is very suitable for the elderly and children. And walk on hard material, the foot feels poorer, long time walks can ache and hurt curial bone.
bus flooring

Plastic flooring can achieve level B1 fire prevention, which is also the highest standard of building materials. It does not burn itself and can prevent it from burning. The smoke generated by passive ignition of high-quality plastic floor will never cause harm to the human body and will not produce asphyxiating toxic and harmful gases.
metro flooing

In addition, because the main components of plastic floor are plastic and calcium carbonate, high-grade glass fiber layer ensures the stability of its size, so naturally not afraid of water, as long as it is not immersed for a long time, it will not be damaged, nor will it be mildewed because of high humidity or be affected by temperature and humidity and deformation.
vinyl floor


The installation of PVC Plastic Flooring is faster, do not need cement mortar, and can be used after 24 hours. Easy to clean, maintenance free, not afraid of water, oil, dilute acid, alkali and other chemical erosion, generally with wet mop cleaning, saving time and cost.There is no need for waxing after installation, just general daily maintenance can be as smooth as new.

homogeneous vinyl flooring

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