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The advantages and disadvantages of PVC floor rolls

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According to its shape, commercial PVC flooring rolls can be divided into two types: luxury vnyl flooring planks and vinyl flooring rolls. Both have many advantages. However, due to the late start of the market, they also have some shortcomings in the use process. Only by rationally choosing planks or rolls according to different paving sites can we maximize our strengths and avoid our weaknesses to achieve the most ideal installation effect.

Advantages of homogeneous vinyl flooring sheet
1. The floor price has a wide range of choices and a wide range of applications;
2. Good stain resistance, acid resistance, and maintenance-free;
3. Full of elasticity, better softness, foot feel more comfortable than sheet flooring;
4. Good anti-skid performance, better sound insulation and noise reduction performance;
5. The seamless welding technology for homogeneous vinyl sheet floor can be completely seamless;
6. Good dimensional stability, will not be deformed by temperature and humidity;
7. Green environmental protection does not contain formaldehyde;
8. Rich in colors and patterns, fully meet the needs of individual design;
9. Fire performance level B1;
10. Light weight, reducing the load of the building.

Insufficiency of vinyl flooring homogeneous sheet.   
①Afraid of cigarette butts burns;
②The damaged floor is not easy to replace.

The scope of application of homogeneous and hetergeneous vinyl flooring is schools, hospitals, offices, factories, shopping malls, automobiles, ships, subways, trains, homes, laboratories, scientific research, stairs, nursing homes, libraries, theaters and other places.
According to market sales and development trends, the sales volume of PVC homogeneous & hetergeneous rolls flooring is increasing year by year, and it is becoming more and more popular, becoming the first choice for the vinyl flooring industry and the current hot spot for flooring sales!

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