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Sports Flooring

3C Dajulong sports flooring uses new materials, refuses to use recycled waste, is environmentally safe, non-toxic and non-polluting, easy to clean and harmless to human body.

Firstly:Advanced technology production, strength and toughness at the same time, high density, non-slip wear-resistant, no slag, a variety of thickness and color can be customized, seamless installation without curling.

sport floor

Secondly: Strong density and quality, wear and impact resistance, floor protection, sound insulation and shock absorption, long service life of 5-10 years, the first choice for the gym.

gym Floor

Third: Reasonable hardness and friction coefficient, comfortable foot feeling, reduce the damage caused by exercise, and make exercise more healthy.

gymnasiun Floor

Fourth:3C Dajulong 3D Custom Printing Functional  floor can be designed free of charge depending on the size of the venue. Set functions, color, design, personality, art in one. Rich in art, innovation, lively, and realistic effects.

functional Floor

Fifth:3D Customized Printing Floor has added UV anti-fouling treatment to protect the floor glue, and it is more convenient to clean. Only clean water can be used to clean the floor.

3D printing floor
Sixth: Advanced technology, no fading.3D custom printed floor, any pattern can be customized, no restrictions. The color is clearer and clearer, durable and does not fade. It is suitable for gyms, children's functional fitness and other places.

gym floor

pvc gym floor

customized printing floor

wooden sports floorbasketball floor

badminton court floor

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