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SPC Flooring - Say goodbye to traditional kitchen and bathroom

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In the home decoration, the kitchen and bathroom are the most unique decoration. The temperature is high and the humidity is high. It seems inappropriate to use wood to embellish. Conventional wooden floors are paved in these two spaces, and problems such as arching, deformation and mildew emerge in an endless stream. Is it a beautiful kitchen? The bathroom can only be paved with cold and hard tiles.

Of course not, SPC floors break through the constraints of space and make the impossible a reality.

Advantages of SPC Flooring

1. The new technology of zero formaldehyde makes breathing easier

As consumers' awareness of health and environmental protection becomes higher and higher, the quality is further improved, and the actual presentation of innovative zero-formaldehyde technology is of course sought after by more consumers. Let's breathe freely, just like living in the forest and the seaside, fresh and comfortable.

2. More non-slip, more wear-resistant

The world's leading nano-level anti-skid film layer, strong waterproof and anti-slip, strongly guarantees your safety in any humid environment; the transparent wear-resistant layer makes the wear-resistant revolution of SPC flooring more than 10,000 revolutions, that's it Domineering!

3.The first choice for kitchen and bathroom, the water tide is worry-free

SPC floor has strong waterproof and moisture-proof properties, high stability, not easy to deform and arch, strong anti-mildew, and very easy to take care of. The kitchen and bathroom can cope with all kinds of harsh environments easily, and kill tiles in seconds.

4. Reliable f

ire prevention, flame retardant and safe

Innovative interlayer composite material, excellent flame retardant performance, strong fire resistance, high ignition point, no toxic and harmful gases; stable, corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant, is an ideal decoration material.

5. Good elasticity and strong compression resistance

The elasticity and toughness of the interlayer material of SPC click vinyl flooring planks are unmatched by stone and ceramic tiles, and the impact is smaller when subjected to external force. Are there naughty children and elderly people at home? Dekor SPC floors is not to be missed.

6. Exclusive lock, more flexible

The exclusive lock for SPC vinyl planks, no glue, no nails, no beautiful seams, the installation is very simple, and it can be used repeatedly.

7. High-end design, pleasing to the eye

The design inspiration of SPC planks comes from stone and starry sky. It is mainly gray, white and black. It is magnificent, deep and distant, full of design sense, trendy, multi-collision, and infinite reverie in space.
Installation Tips

When installing Dekor wood floors in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and balconies, you can focus on places where water is rich, such as using luxury vinyl planks SPC floors around bathtubs, showers or pools, and using solid wood moisture-proof floors and SPC click floors for splicing in dry areas. Makes the transition of the texture more natural, while increasing the color style of the paved area.

Marble looks are always more popular for kitchens and bathrooms, any query, please freely contact us as below!

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