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Retail Flooring

For retail stores, not only to sell products to customers, but also to create an attractive environment, encourage customers to spend time and money in the store, and inspire them to come back again and again.

Your brand is your business card, and floor decoration plays a key role in conveying brand information and enhancing brand image. So combined with your own needs, the 3C floor helps you create an atmosphere that appeals to customers and encourages repeated visits in the coming years.

PVC Homogeneous and Heterogeneous flooring

The 3C floor has various of color design and flooring for choosing: Different types of retail stores decoration style is not the same, the pure color, non-directional patterns PVC Homogeneous and Heterogeneous flooring are generally using in drug store, discount store and super market etc. And wood patterns LVT/ SPC/ WPC Flooring Tiles are commonly chosen by mass merchant, grocery and specialty stores.
WPC Flooring Tiles

PVC homogeneous flooring

PVC Vinyl Flooring has good wear resistance and durability: this kind of public space, the wear floor is particularly serious. Solid wood flooring is very high-grade, but the price is also very high, and easily damp. After period of use, the floor will swell and warp, and color will fade. But PVC Vinyl Flooring due to the addition of wear-resistant layer treatment, The service life can be up to ten years at least. Because of the special structure, there will be no curling problem.

3C PVC Plastic Floor


Excellent stain resistance and easy clean: 3C PVC Plastic Floor can resist all sorts of bacterium and besmirch effectively, such as all sorts of pollution and imprint of shoe polish, paint, soot. Take polyethylene as the main raw material, make the floor green and environmental friendly. And it's very easy to clean up.

SPC vinyl click


The strong foam layer cushions the external impact and achieves the effective sound-absorbing effect: The structure of the foaming layer and underlay on Heterogeneous flooring can help to absorb noise well, and help the shopping mall to create a good and comfortable environment, giving consumers the most comfortable shopping experience.

SPC flooring tiles

WPC flooring tiles



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