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Shanghai 3c floor has newly development and produced Polyeater Fiber Acoustic ,focusing on the high demands of  mechaincal designers and acoustic designers for different  sound absorption and noise reduction.We firmly believe that it will become for the first choice for engineering material such as architectural acoustics, industrial noise reduction, and product noise reduction in most cities.

Polyester fiber board is composed of 100% polyester fiber as raw material and processed through hot pressing at high temperature.

100% polyester fiber is made by high-tech hot pressing and made of cotton, which realizes density and ensures ventilation. It is an excellent product in sound-absorbing and heat-insulating materials. The highest sound absorption coefficient is above 0.9 in the noise range of 125~4000HZ. According to different needs, shorten the adjustment of reverberation time, remove sound impurities, improve sound effects, and improve the clarity of the language. The products are characterized by decoration, heat preservation, flame retardant, environmental protection, light weight, easy processing, stability, impact resistance and easy maintenance.



This is product is an ideal choice for home decoration for its distinctive feature such as sound absorption,flame retartant,insulation,heat insulation,moisture-proof,anti-mildew,easy cutting,no harm to body ect.

This product has been widely used in meeting room,studio ,theater,auditorium,gym restaurant,bar,concert hall,multi-purpose hall ect.

For its anti-collision performance,it is also widely used in schools,kindergarten,preschool education center,the public security bureau,procuratorate,court and prison hearing room.


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