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Demand for Plastic Fooring Dncreases, With Broad Prospects for Development

Update:2017/12/16 18:09:51 Views:40
Plastic floor is the world's most innovative high-tech green building materials in the ground. Plastic floor now into our country has five or six years of development. It is estimated that it will enter a period of rapid development in the coming years.

Plastic flooring is the world's new building materials in the more innovative high-tech green flooring materials. Recently it has been widely used in foreign decoration projects, such as commercial (shopping malls, office buildings, airports, stations), education (schools, kindergartens, gymnasiums, libraries) , Pharmaceutical (hospitals, pharmaceuticals), factories and other industries, and has achieved satisfactory results. The increasing use of. Its rapid development is not only for the environmental protection and ecological protection considerations, but also for the production of plastic products can improve the production process, improve product quality, extend the service life and other issues, which should be the real maean of green development of plastic
Plastic flooring industry market analysis report shows that PVC flooring PVC  has theree formats of PVC membrane flooring, PVC vinyl plank flooring, PVC sheet flooring. PVC plastic floor production capacity of about 2 million meters in 2016, basically achieved full production full sales, after 2015 market development, European standards and the Americas standards have basically completed the certification, with good environmental protection, the main alternative to high-end composite Floor, the current basic export-oriented products.

With the improvement of production technology and process optimization, plastic flooring has become a master of performance advantages, that is, the advantages of plastic flooring will be more and more, will tile, wood flooring, laminate flooring, natural stone and other ground
The advantages of decorative materials are concentrated together.

Testing technicians point out that the reliability of performance of plastic floor is the "life" of such products, from the perspective of formula analysis, to improve some formula analysis, thereby enhancing product performance, so that the life of plastic flooring will be more and more
Long, long lasting.

Today, the plastic floor is a high-tech green floor materials, a well-known third-party analysis and testing agencies said they will give full play to advanced analytical techniques for the quality and safety of plastic flooring to provide a safe and reliable support role, and opened New road
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