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Luxury vinyl plank flooring installation click system

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Click Vinyl Flooring – Click vinyl flooring, comprised of rigid core click and click options, is a versatile plank and tile flooring option. To install click flooring, simply snap planks or tiles into place using the click-locking system integrated into the flooring product.

Our vinyl flooring click system: UNILIN (UNIPUSH), Valinge (2G/5G, Drop Click), I4F

1. UNILIN click system: Mainstream of SPC Vinyl Click lock vinyl flooring

Unilin invented the Uniclic patented joint locking system. The Uniclic locking system enables you to engage the flooring panels via two methods - angling and snapping. This fact makes Uniclic one of the easiest locking mechanisms for do-it-yourself flooring installations.

2. Valinge 2G Click Lock: applicable on thin SPC vinyl

Välinge 2G Angle-Angle flooring pioneered the concept of glue-less click together floorings in 1994 and changed the way people install and use flooring.

3.Valinge 5G click system: applicable on SPC thicker than 5mm

With Valinge 5G, floor installation has never been easier. These locking systems are based on a single action installation method suitable for all types and widths of floor products. The boards are locked on the long side with a traditional angling method. On the short side, the different versions of the 5G locking systems enable simple and fast installation by vertical snap (Original 5G / 5G-i) or side push (5G-S and 5G-W) without the need of any tools.

4. Drop click: Easy Installation

5. I4F click lock system: economic click system recommended for SPC 3.2mm

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