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Education Vinyl Flooring | School Floor Coverings

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Education flooring, whether it is a college lobby design, classroom flooring, the student center, private school or daycare, will make a lasting impression. Students learn more from their lessons and instructors when they are surrounded by functional and beautiful designs that inspire. The world around us inspires our designs and we hope that the spaces we design inspire those who live, work, and learn in them.


When choosing school flooring, there are 4 factors you may consider.


Design & Style

Homogeneous vinyl rolls comes in a wide variety of design choices, making it the best flooring for schools. 3C flooring offers a range of collections to fit any style including the cool, soft, neutral tones of a study room or lounge, something more edgy and stimulating or solid accents to match a school’s branding and colors.



Not only design is important, but durability should be considered when choosing the right school flooring. Built to withstand the heavy foot traffic a university hallway, classroom or cafeteria will bring, Homogeneous vinyl rolls is durable enough to meet the demands of any educational environment.



Whether cleaning up after a spill in the student union or dining hall or tidying up in a dorm room or public restroom setting, our vinyl flooring systems are easy to clean. They are built to handle the heavy foot traffic and sliding chairs or desks; and if repairs are necessary, our school flooring is easy to maintain or replace with minimal disruption to the school day.



With unique designs, Homogeneous vinyl rolls helps students feel inspired and comfortable, ultimately adding value to their education. From a designer or school’s standpoint, luxury vinyl adds value in terms of cost savings. Over time, a durable product with minimal maintenance is built to last, which is much more cost effective compared to other flooring solutions.


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