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The LVT floor is made up of five different levels. Therefore, this floor not only has excellent waterproof and sound-dampening properties, but also gives your feet a very warm, soft floor touch. In addition, the LVT floor remains .

1. High-performance top:
The top layer with anti-scratch and anti-fouling technology effectively protects your floor from dirt, dirt and scratches. In addition, it also makes your floor easy to clean and care. Super matt surface presents a natural appearance.

2. Exquisite printed vinyl decorative layer:
The advanced printing technology used in this layer gives the LVT flooring a uniquely rustic look.

3. Super impact resistance of the vinyl core:
The vinyl core with waterproof and sound-dampening ensures floor comfort and durability.

4. Ultra-stable outer layer:
This layer contains super thick glass fiber, which greatly improves the dimensional stability of the LVT floor.

5. Efficient impact-resistant vinyl backplane:
This layer is waterproof and a perfectly balanced back sheet prevents warpage or distortion.

  • Peel and stick Vinyl Flooring
    Dimension:152.4mm x 914.4mm, 304.8*304.8, 457.2*457.2mm
    Overall thickness:1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2mm, 3mm
    Wear layer:0.07mm, 0.10mm
  • Click LVT
    Overall thickness:3.5mm-7.5mm
    Wear layer:0.3-0.7mm
  • Loose Lay LVT
    Dimension:152*914mm/ 600*600mm
    Overall thickness:2mm/3mm
    Wear layer:0.2
  • Dry Back LVT
    Dimension:152*914mm/ 600*600mm
    Overall thickness:2.0mm/3.0mm
    Wear layer:0.2mm
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