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"Anti-static homogeneous transparent plastic floor" is commonly known as anti-static whole-body floor glue. As the name suggests, it is anti-static, non-conductive, and top-to-bottom whole-body quality. You should know that the wear resistance level of the homogeneous transparent plastic floor reaches T level, and the floor of this structure is also recognized as the most durable and environmentally friendly art floor among elastic floor materials in the world. Coupled with its anti-static properties, the more places it can be used, factories, hospitals, laboratories, large supermarkets, etc., can be used for more than 20 years normally, and it is easy to take care of, without daily waxing. So what are the characteristics of anti-static homogeneous transparent plastic floor besides wear resistance and anti-static? First of all, the anti-static homogeneous transparent plastic floor is light in weight and belongs to light-weight building materials, which can effectively reduce the pressure on the floor, even if it is a high-rise floor, there is no need to worry. Environmentally friendly materials, no formaldehyde, non-toxic and harmless, no radioactive pollution, and resources can be recycled. Secondly, the anti-static homogeneous transparent plastic floor is non-slip, has strong anti-slip properties, and will become astringent when exposed to water, which can relieve the worries of the elderly and children; it is moisture-proof, anti-mildew and antibacterial, and will not deform when exposed to water. Anti-moth, anti-iodine, can be widely used. Thirdly, the anti-static homogeneous transparent plastic floor absorbs sound and reduces noise, which can create a quiet office or living space, and because the whole body has the same pattern, it is very convenient to repair even if it is damaged. Finally, and most importantly, the anti-static homogeneous transparent plastic floor has anti-static properties, and is welded with special welding rods, which is beautiful and seamless, and has excellent waterproof performance. And heat insulation, it is a better energy-saving product than carpet or wooden floor.
The structure of SPC and WPC vinyl flooring is similar, and both types of vinyl flooring are completely waterproof. The biggest difference is that the core composite materials of SPC and WPC are different. SPC stands for stone-plastic composite, while WPC stands for wood-plastic composite. The SPC floor core consists of limestone, polyvinyl chloride and stabilizers. The WPC floor core is composed of recycled wood pulp and plastic composites. In terms of price, SPC is the more affordable of the two. If price is an important factor for you, then SPC is the way to go. Although WPC floors are thicker than SPC floors, SPC is actually more durable. SPC is denser, which means it is more resistant to damage from heavy objects. WPC flooring has a formaldehyde problem. In fact, most wood floors contain some level of formaldehyde. This is due to the presence of the resin used to press the wood fibers together. Certain types of wood laminate flooring contain dangerous levels of formaldehyde. The above is the difference between SPC and WPC plastic flooring, and you can clearly see why we think SPC flooring is better than WPC flooring.
SPC floor is also known as "SPC stone plastic floor" or "SPC stone plastic snap floor". Simply put, it is a floor made of stone and special plastics (such as vinyl), and elements such as limestone and stabilizers are added to achieve 100% waterproof, anti-sag and wear-resistant effects. SPC flooring was originally built for commercial spaces that require durable floors. Due to various reasons, SPC began to replace wood floors and stone floors to a considerable extent, and is becoming one of the most popular floors in home decoration.
ESD Vinyl Flooring Rolls is also known as Anti-Static Flooring Rolls, which is a seamless floor covering whose style and patterns are constantly updated, comes with antistatic performance (Static-Dissipative or Conductive) making it the most used vinyl flooring product in operating room, manufacturing & assembly workshops of electronic products, telecommunications industry, computer room and other areas that require anti-static floor environment.
Nowadays, you can see the shadow of SPC vinyl plank flooring in everywhere. What you value when choosing it for decoration is its excellent green environmental protection. The main component of the SPC click vinyl floor is natural stone powder, which does not contain any radioactive elements, does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, etc. It is a very green and environmentally friendly floor decoration material. Moreover, there are thousands of color film patterns and colors, and the design close to solid wood grain is refreshing and meets the individual needs of countless consumers.
New products in the resilient vinyl flooring category explain this buoyed economic expansion. First, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) entered the market. Wood-plastic composite (WPC) then made its appearance. Finally, stone plastic composite (SPC) joined the fray. WPC was conceived as a way to more faithfully simulate the look and feel of hardwood floors while retaining the majority of advantages found in LVT. SPC was engineered as an upgrade to WPC, which makes it in some sense an upgrade to LVT as well.
The PVC elastic mesh carpet is made of nylon silk and PVC backing, we have adopted the calendaring production technology instead of using glue to make it stronger and greener. It gas strong elastic power that make it durable and comfortable feeling. This product is widely used for door, car, kitchen, living room and other public areas.
Heterogeneous vinyl flooring is a multi-layer flooring, which comes in wide range of beautiful patterns with various design possibilities.
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