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How to deal with scratches on the plastic floor

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Homogeneous vinyl floor is a new type of lightweight floor decoration material that is very popular in the world today, also known as “lightweight flooring”;. It has been widely recognized in large and medium-sized cities in China and is widely used.

The PVC homogeneous vinyl sheet floor has been used for a long time, and various scratches, black shoe prints, etc. will appear on the floor, which seriously affects the appearance. These conditions cannot be solved by daily cleaning. Replacement invisibly increases the cost, and mastering some PVC plastic floor repair technology can solve this problem.

1. The homogeneous vinyl sheet plastic floor has scratches. It can be smoothed with a sander, and then waxed, and it will be as bright as new!
2. The commercial vinyl flooring should not be soaked in water. The cleaning agent, water and colloid are easy to have a chemical reaction, causing the floor surface to be degummed or lifted. Therefore, it is not advisable to have a lot of water, especially hot water for mopping. When it is stained with ink, soup, oil, etc., it can be wiped with dilute soapy water. If it is still not clean, it can also be wiped with a small amount of gasoline until the stain is eliminated.
3. The multi-layer composite plastic floor has heavy scratches. If it follows the texture rules of the composite floor, you can try to repair it with the same color welding wire, or use the same color glass glue and sealant to repair. As long as the colors are similar. If the scratches are deep or the texture is special, it is recommended to replace the damaged area with a floor of the same specification, thickness and material.
4. If the PVC plastic flooring is stained with ink, soup, oil and other stains, first use water to mop it to see if it can be wiped off. If it does not work, you can directly use a mixture of detergent, soapy water, washing powder and other liquids to mop until the stain is eliminated.

Finally, if the PVC plastic floor needs to be replaced as a whole, as long as the original plastic floor is not seriously damaged, it can be laid directly on the original floor, which can reduce a lot of time and cost.
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