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How to choose the right PVC plastic floor for shopping malls

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The rise of online shopping and live shopping has brought a great impact on offline supermarkets. In addition to weekends, fewer and fewer people are willing to go shopping at ordinary times. How to create a good supermarket environment is particularly important. In recent years, more and more supermarkets are laying PVC homogeneous vinyl plastic flooring, trying to create a very relaxed shopping environment for people. So, how should supermarkets choose the right PVC plastic floor?

The shopping mall has a large passenger flow and a large area, so the required ground material quality should be relatively high and wear-resistant. Moreover, there are many elderly and children in the shopping mall, which is easy to cause congestion and fall, so it should be anti-skid. Then the shopping mall selects PVC commercial vinyl flooring, which is basically wear-resistant and anti-skid, followed by color and thickness.
PVC flooring belongs to elastic floor, which has good elasticity. It not only provides good foot feeling, but also has the effect of mute and noise reduction, which helps to create a warm and comfortable humanized environment. The tiles that have just finished dragging the floor will be very slippery if there is water left, while the daily care of the wooden floor is more troublesome. The daily cleaning of PVC floor is basically the same as that of ceramic tiles. The difference is that PVC floor will become more astringent in case of water feet, and it is not easy to slip even if there is water on the surface.

Anti slip homogeneous vinyl flooring is widely used in places with various passenger flows, such as shopping malls and hospitals. Because PVC flooring is a homogeneous and transparent series of products, it has high wear resistance, good anti-skid performance and fire rating of B1, which greatly prolongs the service life of PVC plastic flooring, facilitates the construction of PVC plastic flooring and shortens the construction period.
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