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How to Clean and Maintain PVC Plastic Flooring

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PVC plastic floor colorful, can be used for stadiums, gyms and other sports venues, can also be used for kindergartens, shopping malls and other places to be customized patterns, and PVC flooring with antibacterial, non-slip, sound absorption, Feel comfortable, easy to clean and so on. Scientific cleaning and maintenance, not only can keep the floor color brilliant, but also can extend the service life.

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1. General Cleaning Method

a. First of all PVC vinyl floor stains thoroughly clean, if there is glue or sticky dirt, you can use a mild detergent and cloth gently wear away.
b. The floor cleaning agent (according to the instructions used) spilled on the floor, first with a waxing machine to grind the dirt on the floor, and then use the dry mop to dry the dirty water, then wipe clean with water. (If there is no waxing machine, you can use other tools to replace, carefully dirt off).
c. After such clean, pour the water-based wax into a clean dry mop and apply the wax evenly to the floor.
d. About 20 minutes after waxing, so that the floor surface of the air-dried, dry before they can be trampled on the available fan-assisted drying to shorten the time, usually after waxing takes about a few hours to be completely dry. If heavy objects have to be moved, they must be completely dried before they can be moved, so that the floor can be shined brightly.

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2. Re-wax Method

a. In addition to the wax in proportion to use, evenly sprinkle the wax to be removed at about 10-30 minutes, after the wax penetrates into the floor, brush the floor with water (without wax machine case), the wax should be completely removed, or re- Waxing will not shine
b. After the wax is removed, clean and maintain it according to steps 1-4 of the general cleaning method.

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3. Daily Maintenance

First, use the mop to suck a little water to clean the ground, then dry the mop to dry the ground, and then drag a layer of mop with water wax on the residential resilient flooring (according to the amount of people in the area used and pollution The degree of).
In addition, preventive maintenance is also very important: at the entrance, laying a suitable size dust pad.

4. Precautions for Use

a. Floor mats should be placed at the entrance to the building to avoid sand and dust through the shoelaces.
b. When handling items, especially items with sharp metal on the bottom, do not drag on the floor to avoid scratching the floor.
c. Although pvc floor level B1 fire protection level, but never represents the floor will not be burnt fireworks. Therefore, when using pvc floor, do not burn the cigarette butts, mosquito coils, hot irons, high temperature metal items directly on the floor to prevent damage to the floor.
d. Do not use steel balls when cleaning the floor, wire brush clean. Do not use conventional methods to clean the dirt, should consult professionals, not indiscriminate use of acetone, toluene, strong acids and other chemicals.
e. Avoid a lot of water stranded for a long time on the floor surface, especially sheet flooring, transparent flooring. The floor is often soaked in water, may be infiltrated into the water below the floor, the floor glue melted loss of bond. May also cause the floor surface of the wax layer of water pollution caused by the floor, it may penetrate into the floor may also penetrate the floor (through the floor) cause the floor discoloration.
f. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent ultraviolet radiation to prevent the floor discoloration, fading.

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