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How much weight can the homogeneous vinyl floor used in the workshop bear

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In recent years, the national requirements for environmental protection have become more and more strict. Due to the environmental protection characteristics of PVC homogeneous flooring, PVC plastic flooring is used in many fields. Homogeneous vinyl flooring has also been highly praised by the industry in China. Hospitals, kindergartens, schools, factories, workshops, offices and other places all abandon the original floor tiles and choose PVC plastic floors.

Vinyl sheet flooring is generally divided into commercial and sports. PVC vinyl flooring roll for workshops belongs to commercial PVC flooring. Due to the particularity of workshops, forklifts or carts are often used to transport goods. Therefore, vinyl sheet flooring with high wear resistance and pressure resistance - homogeneous PVC flooring is required. Homogeneous non-directional & directional PVC floor, as the name suggests, is a whole body ground glue. It uses an integrated process. Homogeneous vinyl floor is a wear-resistant layer from top to bottom, which greatly increases its wear-resistant and pressure resistance.

Plants and workshops have different purposes, but they have a common feature, that is, they have to transport goods by car, ranging from hundreds of kilograms to several tons. At this time, the vinyl sheet floors of high-density base can not meet their needs.

The homogeneous vinyl sheet material is preferred for the PVC plastic flooring roll in the workshop. The conventional 2mm thick homogeneous commercial floor can withstand the transportation of about 1-2 tons of goods, not high-strength goods. It can be used within 3 tons. If high-strength goods transportation and heavier goods transportation are required, the thickness of 3mm and 4mm need to be customized. The thicker the vinyl sheet plastic floor rolls used in the workshop, the greater its load-bearing capacity.

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