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Difference Between Click LVT Flooring and Click SPC Flooring

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Difference Between Click LVT Flooring and Click SPC Flooring
There are many types of vinyl flooring in the market. People may get confused with the different terms that the sellers are using. Even some Chinese manufacturers are using various terms for the same product.

For example, SPC flooring is also called Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring, Hybrid flooring, or Click SPC Vinyl. It may be confused with the traditional click LVT.

So, what is the difference be SPC Click and LVT click? This article will give you full details of their differences.

1. Structuer:  LVT Click Has Glass Fibre Layer, while SPC Click not.
The base layer of the LVT click is a robust backing cushioned with a layer of glass fibre which brings dimensional stability to prevent curling, tenting or gapping. Besides, the fibreglass layer also provides a cushioned, soft feel underfoot.
SPC vinyl flooring has no such layer. Its base core is a uniform rigid plank without extra layer inside.

2. Material:
SPC Click
Only made with 100% virgin material, it is only manufactured with pure PVC and calcium carbonate limestone. Unlike the Rigid Core SPC Flooring, LVT can be made with either pure PVC or recycled PVC.

3. Core Color:
 If you check the cut edge of the vinyl plank, you can find totally different results.
Because of the different compositions of SPC and LVT Click flooring, they have different core colors. LVT Click has a dark grey color core, the SPC Vinyl Plank' s core can be white (because of the calcium carbonate inside) , dark grey and grey blue (add some carbon).

4. Underfoot Feeling:
SPC Plank is more Rigid & Harder, because the SPC is composed of limestone, it has a very hard flooring core. Thus it is called rigid core in many countries. Compare with SPC plank, LVT click provides a cushioned, soft feel underfoot.

5. Price:
SPC Vinyl Flooring is one of the more affordable options in the market, and it will generally be cheaper than LVT Click Flooring of the same thickness.

Common Advantages
Even though they are different in structure and color, they are very similar in characteristic and installation. Both of them are floating flooring which means they are not glued down. The click installation is good for DIY at home. If you have a small room needing renovation, you don’t have to hire professionals to install the vinyl flooring.

They are all waterproof. No matter it is luxury vinyl tiles or rigid core hybrid flooring, their planks are always waterproof.

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