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Difference Between Homogeneous and Heterogeneous vinyl flooring

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What is Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring?

Homogeneous means that something is uniform throughout the system. When we consider homogeneous materials, its composition and properties are the same throughout.


Technique Data:

Overall Thickness:2.0mm /Total Weight:2900g/M2

Roll Width:2.0m / Roll Length :20m

Color: non-directional and directional

homogeneous flooring

homogeneous flooring directional


a: Anti-bacterial, eco-friendly, waterproof, fireproof, anti-iodine and anti-corrosion.

b: UV surface treatment, provide superior stain resistance.

c: Fashion design, a large choice of color.

d: seamless welding, easy installation.

d: Application: office, hospital, chain store, university and factory.

Structure of homogenous Vinyl Roll:

homogeneous flooring

What is Heterogeneous Vinyl Flooring?

Heterogeneous means there is no uniformity throughout the system. It is the opposite term of homogeneous. For example, composite fiber-glass is a heterogeneous material.

Unlike homogeneous materials, these materials have different structures and different compositions throughout.

Dimension:2.0mm/3.0mm *2.0m*20m

Technique Data:

Wear Layer Thickness:0.12-0.7mm

Roll Width:2.0m / Roll Length :20m


1: Antibacterial, environment-friendly and waterproof.

2. The surface provides super stain resistance.

3. High density closed foam backing for comfort underfoot.

4. Fashion design, a large choice of colors.

5. Seamless welding, easy installation.                           

6.Application: office, hospital, chain store, university and factory.

Structure of Heterogeneous Vinyl Roll:

heterogeneous vinyl flooring

What is the difference Between Homogeneous and Heterogeneous?

The key difference between homogeneous and heterogeneous is that homogeneous materials and mixtures have the same uniform composition and properties throughout whereas heterogeneous materials and mixtures do not have either uniform composition or uniform properties.

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