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Customized flooring is in the original PVC floor for "secondary processing", according to the customer needs to customize the pattern colors.3D Digital Printing Flooringis widely used in Large Mall, Elevator Cabin, Kingergarten, Home Improvement and Gym.The material of our custom flooring is laminate flooring with foamed back. Laminate flooring integrates the UV Coating Layer, Transparent Wear Layer, Printing Layer, Core Layer and Foam Layer togather using lamination process. UV treatment enhances stain resistance. and Foam Layer enhances the damping effect. Customized flooring not only keeps all advantage of commercial flooring, but also make for the disadvantages of single patten. We have thousands of 3D graphics material to choose from, if you feel that these are not enough, we can also make your design. You only need to provide your design requirements and size requirements, we finish by typesetting

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