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Clean room flooring -Homogeneous Anti-static PVC roll floor

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3C anti-static PVC roll floor, permanent anti-static property, the products are widely used in the place of precise instrument and professional equipment, including electronics, clean room, computer room, hospital, telecommunication, airspace.



1.    Environmentally-friendly materials

    Anti-static PVC roll floor Comply with ISO4001, using European advanced production technology, insure the raw materials and production meet European standard.


2.    Durable

Homogeneous Anti-static PVC roll floor has excellent stability and wear resistance, meet the usage of all kind of public huge traffic site, durable and wear resistance.


3.    Maintenance

Homogeneous PVC roll floor is un-permeable, the surface dirty is easy to clean.

Avoid sharp scratches on the floor by hard objects, and maintain a smooth surface.

Clearing the floor by neutral detergent, dry after washing, then coated with anti-static wax.


4.    Application.

3C Anti-static PVC roll floor widely applied to Electronics, microelectronics floor, telecommunications floor, network floor, clean room floor, computer room floor and other precision instrument and room for equipment operation.

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