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Can there be floor heating to install pvc plastic floor Manufacturers & Suppliers from China

Update:2022/1/30 17:55:47 Views:61

Nowadays, more and more friends will install floor heating, so can you use pvc plastic floor when installing floor heating? In fact, there is no problem at all, but there are still many friends who are skeptical. Therefore, let’s take a look at it. Reasons.

The thickness of pvc flooring is 2 mm, and its thickness is the thinnest among the materials. Although it is measured from the thickness, it is suitable for paving in places with floor heating. Some people may worry that the heat dissipation of the pvc floor is very poor. This kind of worry is unnecessary. Because the thickness of the floor is only 2 mm, even if its heat dissipation performance is different from other materials, its thickness is only other materials. One-fifth or more, in terms of thickness, can make up for the gap in the pvc floor, and can surpass the heat dissipation index of other materials. Here, the poorly dissipated pvc floor is just a pvc composite floor.The use of vinyl flooring in places with floor heating not only improves the heat dissipation performance, but also reduces the number of processes during construction, saving time and saving costs. After the cement mortar mat is finished, the pvc floor can be directly laid, no need for too many processes. If the cushion layer is not smooth, just do it once and do it by pvc. The process is quite simple. save time.

There are matters to be noticed when laying pvc floor in places with floor heating: the foundation cracks, the cracks on the ground will affect the laying quality of the pvc vinyl floor. When the floor heating is used, there will be irregular drums, like cockroaches. This is very common. . Therefore, the foundation with cracks must be treated. The treatment method can be consulted by our technicians.


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