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Beware of blind when buy Plastic flooring

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Some customers are not very understanding of the plastic floor, easy access to the blind pursuit of the errors in the purchase. The so-called blind pursuit is not sure how to determine the quality of plastic flooring inferior, and take some other surface methods to identify the value of the floor, then Which consumers are the most easy to buy misunderstandings?

First, price misunderstanding:

1, high misunderstanding: Many consumers to measure the level of the price of plastic flooring pros and cons, that the most expensive is the best quality flooring. Indeed, this is an optional standard, but the premise is that you buy the best plastic flooring is the brand floor, for two reasons: the quality of brand plastic flooring more secure, and second, the price of the brand plastic flooring uniform, the purchase of the brand The floor can be really value for money. For example, Beijing Run Run Sports Star Run plastic floor, the price of a unified, reliable quality, guaranteed.
If you encounter irregular businesses, ordinary plastic floor may also have a high price, if blindly think that high-priced plastic floor is a good floor, consumers are fooled.

Some plastic flooring, the same materials used, but the production process is somewhat different, for example, some plastic floor more color, in the design and manufacture of more trouble, so the price relative to the same simple simple color floor may be more expensive, but does not mean Slightly lower prices of plastic flooring is inferior flooring.

2, cheap misunderstanding: Some consumers buy plastic flooring, covet cheap, bought a poor floor, consumers such "improvise" psychology is likely to cause indoor pollution. Low-quality plastic floor formaldehyde content, strong irritating odor, release a long time, great harm to the body. Health is the first, it is recommended that consumers would rather spend more money to buy a rest assured, do not buy low-cost low-quality plastic flooring.

Second, thickness misunderstanding:

The same kind of plastic floor thickness with different specifications 2-8mm, the same raw materials, the same production process, the quality is equally excellent.
Not to say that the thicker the plastic floor, the better the quality, according to the needs of customers, buy a most appropriate thickness of the plastic floor is the most suitable for you.

Third, environmental errors:

Many consumers know that nowadays society advocates environmental protection, low-carbon and energy-saving resources. However, if consumers are asked to explain these terms in concrete terms, the concept is very vague. So how to determine whether the plastic floor is really environmentally friendly? To consider from many aspects: First, the production of plastic flooring materials, and second, the production of plastic flooring used in the process of excipients, (these can go to the national testing department inspection) Third, the plastic floor In the course of the environment by the extent of the impact. Poor quality, not waterproof, moisture-proof, easy to breed bacteria.

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