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Anti-Static Vinyl Flooring Rolls - ESD PVC Sheet Flooring

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ESD Vinyl Flooring Rolls is also known as Anti-Static Flooring Rolls, which is a seamless floor covering whose style and patterns are constantly updated, comes with antistatic performance (Static-Dissipative or Conductive) making it the most used vinyl flooring product in operating room, manufacturing & assembly workshops of electronic products, telecommunications industry, computer room and other areas that require anti-static floor environment. The Anti-Static Vinyl Sheet Flooring is made up of large rolls without using much labor to cut the material, due to this, there is not much of wastage.

ESD Vinyl Flooring Rolls (PVC Floor Sheets) Specifications & Features
Structure: Our ESD Vinyl Sheet Flooring is made of polyvinyl chloride resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, coupling agent and conductive material, etc., and conducts electricity through the static conductive network formed between the plastic particle interface, which guarantee the permanent antistatic function.

Size: 2m x 20m
Thickness: 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm
Various Patterns for Options.
Wide Applications: Idea for office, electronics, microelectronics, telecommunications environment, network floor, clean room, computer room, operating room, assembly workshops and other places with precision instruments and equipment or the areas required anti-static floor environment.

Anti-Static PVC Flooring Roll (Vinyl Flooring Sheet) Advantages
Flexible homogenous vinyl flooring sheet
Special maintenance treatment: NO wax for life
Densely compacted homogeneous floor covering for improved wear and ease of maintenance
Incorporate bacteriostatic and fungistatic actions
Excellent performance of iodine
Durable and long-lasting, easy to clean
Designed to withstand large temperature changes
Easy to cut for an exact custom fitting, install in a short time
Quality Control and Assurance of Our ESD Roll Vinyl Flooring
All ESD PVC Floor Rolls are tested for electrical conductivity before it leaves the factory and meets quality standards.
Professional construction technical support and guidance provided.
Free of defects in materials and workmanship, 10+ years of server time (except for man-made and self-construction) can be guaranteed under proper installation and maintenance.
Benefits of Our Anti-Static Vinyl Floor Sheets (PVC Floor Rolls)
Available in the widest range of floor covering patterns and colors of any category.
Our Anti-static PVC Flooring Rolls are very affordable and prove to be a very profitable investment.
Its easy maintenance and its reasonable cost make it a choice often appreciated by consumers, especially for the raised floor projects in clean room, computer room, server room, telecommunications.
With our anti-static roll vinyl flooring, you get the best price and the fastest installation, although it is typically the least authentic look and feels.

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