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Advantages Of Homogeneous Flooring Over Other Ordinary Floors

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1. Decorative----Rich and colorful colors, no color difference, light resistance, no radiation, long-term use does not fade.

2. Fast installation and construction and easy maintenance----Floor installation is quick and easy to use after 24 hours. Easy to clean and maintenance-free, not afraid of water, oil, dilute acid, alkali and other chemicals.

3. Environmental protection----Plastic flooring is the only floor material that can be recycled.

4. Wide range of applications----Widely used in offices, schools, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, sports venues.

5. Comfortable feet----Close to carpets, ideal for places with seniors and children.

6. Small seams and seamless welding----Environments with high sterilization requirements, such as hospital operating rooms, are the ideal choice.

7. Super light and thin----The plastic floor is only 2-3mm thick, and the weight per square meter is only 2-3KG, which is less than 10% of ordinary floor materials.

8. Abrasion and scratch resistance----The surface of the PVC floor has a special high-tech processed transparent wear-resistant layer, and its wear-resistant rotation can reach 300,000 revolutions.

9. High elasticity and super impact resistance----Homogeneous has a soft texture and good elasticity, which reduces the ground's harm to the human body and disperses the impact on the feet.

10. Non-slip----Homogeneous feels more astringent under the condition of sticking water, and it is more difficult to slip.

11. Fireproof----Homogeneous can reach Class B1 fire protection, which is also the highest standard for fire protection of building materials.

12. Waterproof----Because the main components of homogeneous are plastic and calcium carbonate, the high-grade glass fiber layer guarantees its dimensional stability and stability, so it is naturally not afraid of water.

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