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The first choice for office ground in the homogeneous floor

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We all know that office space is a place with a large flow of people, and most people go in and out every day. Therefore, the requirements for the ground are relatively high. Some people have proposed PVC homogeneous flooring, but some people have raised objections. People who oppose the paving of homogeneous relisent flooring are mainly worried that it is not wear-resistant and not resistant to indentation, but in fact, PVC flooring has been specially treated in these respects.

homogeneous floor

We all know that in places with high traffic, it has a drawback that it will cause excessive wear on the ground. For the indentation resistance of PVC flooring, many people think that there is no way to withstand the daily load of the office. But in fact, it is designed with an innovative compact extrusion process that makes the floor more resilient and durable.

The most important thing is that the unique surface layer and dense bottom layer of PVC homogeneous floor can be fully treated to absorb sound, and can isolate low decibel noise to solve noise troubles.

PVC homogeneous floor

It is a place where a person has a large flow and frequent trampling. If a homogeneous floor is paved, it is not only questionable in terms of performance, but also can solve the problem of sound generated on the ground caused by a large flow of people. It is practical.

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