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Shanghai 3C Industrial Co., Ltd is professional SPC floor, WPC floor and PVC vinyl floor manufacturer in China. With professional production team and sales/aftersale service, Dajulong achieved great success since it established.


Company News
2019-5-22 13:27:04
Homogeneous vinyl flooring for the bus
Many tourist buses and shuttle buses have begun to use homogeneous vinyl flooring as the floor of the car, because the two properties of PVC homogeneous flooring - lightweight, non-slip.
2019-5-22 13:07:08
PVC homogeneous flooring for Public place
Many flooring projects in shopping mall floor, exhibition hall floor, store floor, and supermarket floor are all made of PVC homogeneous flooring with safe anti-slip performance.
2019-5-22 9:46:53
what the standard of PVC flooring
PVC floor is a new type of floor decoration material widely used all over the world. It is very popular in Europe, America and Asia-Pacific market. It is also very popular in China and has a very broad development prospects.
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Industry News
2019-5-23 13:46:27
Hospital flooring china manufacturing & supplier
With its superior quality and unique performance, Hospital flooring has become a special material for major medical institutions.
2019-5-23 13:00:39
Vinyl healthcare flooring china manufacturing & supplier
3C as vinyl healthcare flooring china manufacturing supplier,we offer PVC medical floor that effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria, and it is in contact with the ground at zero distance.
2019-5-22 14:12:06
Construction Technology of LVT Floor part 3 and 4
LVT installation - seam welding - cleaning site
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