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The development of SPC rigid flooring

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SPC rigid flooring is an environmentally friendly product that can replace wooden flooring. SPC flooring has a longer lifespan and does not emit chemicals harmful to humans, and it can be recycled. Compared with ordinary wood flooring, SPC flooring has very good moisture and mildew resistance, and can also prevent insects, and the style is very high. The price is cheaper than the wooden floor. Many home decoration will choose SPC floor.

SPC rigid flooring

The floor has excellent physical properties, such as high strength, non-slip and abrasion resistance, and is an insulating material. In the production process of the floor, no other chemicals are added, which is more and more sought after by people. More importantly, due to the current scarcity of forest resources, the price of wooden flooring is getting higher and higher, and many wood floorings are more or less added to chemicals in order to improve the performance of antiseptic and anti-insect properties during production and processing. Ingredients pose a hazard to human health.

SPC rigid core flooring

However, SPC rigid core flooring has a beautiful appearance, looks simple and simple, is easy to produce, does not consume forest resources, and after special treatment, it will form cracks or scars like wooden floors, which looks very textured. And the floor will not be deformed after use, and it has the same elasticity as wood, and the touch is very close to ordinary wood. At the time of production and processing, the SPC floor has stronger plasticity than ordinary wood, and can be made into different shapes according to specific requirements, and it is also very convenient to process.

designed SPC vinyl floor

The designed SPC vinyl floor is essentially a composite material with very strong plasticity. It can be cut during processing, or it can be perforated. It can also be nailed above and processed and installed almost like a wooden floor.

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