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Healthcare Flooring

Vinyl Floors are not only different in type and material, but also different in the  environment and needs. In the special place of the Hospitals, Outpatient Clinics, Assisted Living, etc, the requirements for the use of the floor are also different, and there are certain standards for the performance of the Healthcare Floor.

The Plastic Floor of the hospital wears and resists pressure: the flow of people in the hospital is extremely large, and the entry and exit personnel are complicated. The main passages are carts and wheelchairs.

Hospital Vinyl Roll Flooring

Medical PVC Plastic Floor anti-fouling antibacterial: there are usually blood or other stains in the hospital, and the environmental cleanliness is high, the ground should be easy to clean and anti-infiltration, and has antibacterial and antibacterial ability.

antibacterial Vinyl flooring

Hospital PVC floor comfort and non-slip: In order to avoid the patient's fall caused by bruises or secondary injuries, the hospital floor needs excellent anti-slip performance, even if the patient accidentally falls, the ground needs to provide buffer protection.


Medical PVC flooring is durable: for high frequency usage and special environments in hospitals, the ground must have a long service life
The hospital's plastic floor is green and environmentally friendly. It strictly implements national environmental protection standards, adopts high-quality raw materials, and has 100% zero formaldehyde and no heavy metals, which are healthy, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The Healthcare Plastic Floor Roll is pressure-resistant and wear-resistant. It adopts a super-polymerization-tight environmental protection base layer, which can easily carry the test of adult flow, with stable pressure resistance and away from dents. The sixth-generation bonding technology uniquely adopted by the product is “melting and co-bonding technology”. It has good positioning stability, and is far from the trouble of delamination, drumming, and dimensional shrinkage, and is stable and excellent.

PVC Floor covering

The Hospital PVC Floor is clean and antibacterial, has a unique process and optimizes the UV layer. The product has the effect of strong waterproof, antibacterial, anti-fouling and anti-chemical products. The daily cleaning can be lightly scrubbed with a damp cloth, which is convenient and neat and easy to maintain.

The PVC Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Floor of the hospital is fire retardant, and the fireproof index can reach B1 level, second only to stone, which is a flame retardant building material with good flame retardant effect. It is difficult to catch fire when exposed to fire in the air or under high temperature, and it is not easy to spread quickly. When the fire source is removed, the combustion stops immediately and does not produce any suffocating toxic and harmful gases.

voc free vinyl flooring

The medical PVC Sheet Vinyl floor is light and noise-reducing. It is several times or even ten times lighter than the wooden floor, tile and stone after construction. It can effectively reduce the weight of the building, and it is safe and easy to carry. At the same time, the product has the characteristics of sound absorption and noise reduction, which provides a safe and comfortable environment for the paving place.

The Plastic Flexible Floor of the hospital is flexible and non-slip. In the case of water, the foot feels more sturdy and it is not easy to slip. In addition to its special elastic structure, it is impact resistant and has a good foot feel. Compared with the stone floor, walking on the plastic floor makes you feel more secure!

PVC Vinyl Roll for Operating Room nned to be antistaic.

operating room Vinyl Floor

The PVC Roll Floor of the hospital is beautiful and practical, and the paving effect is unmatched by any other decorative materials. Whether it is color or jigsaw, it can be arbitrarily and creatively stitched. At the same time, PVC plastic flooring is more economical than other paving materials.

resilient floorplastic floor

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