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Features of non directional homogeneous floor

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Due to the superiority of PVC homogenous floor and the protection of the environment, tile and wood flooring have been widely replaced in developed countries, making it the first choice for floor decoration materials.

The homogenous resilient floor materials are made of the same material from top to bottom, and the colors and patterns are the same. The material is mainly composed of PVC and stone powder. This kind of floor material has high stain resistance and is permanently wax-free. This floor is suitable for schools, supermarkets, department stores, factories, corridors, hospitals and places with high traffic. The homogenous floor is divided into directional and non-directional.

homogeneous floor

Features of non-directional homogeneous floor:

Common thickness and specifications: 2.0mm*2m*20m (can be customized 2.5/3.0mm thickness)

1. Excellent durability, excellent durability against wear when the flow rate is large, and wear resistance grade T.

2. UV treatment (new anti-fouling technology) High-density PUR treatment has strong anti-iodine and antibacterial properties.

3. Super environmental protection, no phthalate plasticizer, TVOC organic volatiles and heavy metals.

4. Rich colors and patterns, fully meet the needs of individual design.

homogeneous resilient floor

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