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A variety of reasons to choose heterogeneous pvc flooring

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Heterogeneous floor is hot sell now. A varity of color you can choose. Different prices. Multiple usages; anti-foul, acid resistance, easy to clean and maintenance; anti-slip; durable wear layer, anti-bacterial,

Heterogeneous pvc flooring

In waterproof performance, There is won’t be easy to mildew; It has the glass-fiber, which keeps the good dimensional stability, therefore It will be not easy to be affected by temperature and humidity; Our flooring also is anti-iodine, which very suitable for the hospital.

Heterogeneous floor

In raw material, it is safe and environmentally friendly, free of formaldehyde; adopt the 100% safe material.fire performance B1.

In usage, it can be sound and noise reduction, give comfortable feet; rich colors and patterns, fully meet the demands of individual design;

In weight, it is light. So it also can lighten the building, the perfect less floor joints keeps the flooring tight.

Heterogeneous flooring

Though the installation is easy, the process of installation is not so simple.It has the high construction requirements about the ground; which the ground must be flat and no dusty. The heterogeneous flooring also can’t be burned by cigarette; If the floor gots damage. It is also not easy to replace.

This heterogeneous vinyl flooring can apply in many places: schools, kindergarten, hospitals, offices, factories, shopping malls, ships, subways, trains, homes, laboratories, scientific research, nursing homes, libraries, theaters, etc.

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