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Heterogeneous compact resilient covering in commercial place

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Considering the modern workplaces, we need to very carefully to pay attention the ground, especially in the crowded places. Most women would wear high heel to go shopping. So the noise would be very loud. This is also the popularity of the heterogeneous flooring.The following is also make a analysis about the heterogeneous floor.

Heterogeneous pvc Flooring


Wide choice of floor price range; wide application range; good stain resistance, acid resistance, maintenance-free; flexible, anti-slip performance; wear-resistant, anti-bacterial, no insects, mildew; good dimensional stability, not subject to Temperature and humidity affect deformation; safety, environmental protection, no formaldehyde; sound and noise reduction, comfortable feet; rich colors and patterns, fully meet the needs of individual design; fire performance B1; light weight, lighten the building load, less floor joints.

heterogeneous compact resilient floor covering


The construction foundation is required to be high; the cigarette head is burnt; the floor damage is not easy to replace.

Scope of application: schools, hospitals, offices, factories, shopping malls, automobiles, ships, subways, trains, homes, laboratories, laboratories, scientific research, stairs, nursing homes, libraries, theaters and other places.

heterogeneous compact resilient covering can reduce the sound when people walking on it. And decrease the hitting hurt when people fall on it.

heterogeneous floor

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