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Shanghai 3C Industrial Co., Ltd is professional SPC floor, WPC floor and PVC vinyl floor manufacturer in China. With professional production team and sales/aftersale service, Dajulong achieved great success since it established.


Company News
2019-6-6 13:45:35
The specification of SPC rigid core flooring
Convenience of SPC rigid core flooring - it can be cut, sawn, planable, nailable, lacquerable, bondable, and it has an excellent industrial design.
2019-6-5 10:44:11
The product advantage of SPC vinyl flooring
SPC floor's reliable safety - high strength and water resistance, strong impact resistance and no cracking.
2019-5-29 10:22:40
Cautions in Installation of Kicking Line-Manufacturer & Supplier in China
Kicking line exists to prevent wall damage, but also to beautify the interior space
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Industry News
2019-6-14 13:51:22
Artificial turf manufacturer & supplier in China quartz sand paving process
Usually when we are exercising on the playground, we can always see that the green artificial lawn is filled with a lot of quartz sand, which can enhance the elasticity and friction of the fake lawn grass when running.
2019-6-14 13:29:15
Grass type of artificial football lawn sports ground
The artificial turf manufacturer & supplier in China of the football field can be divided into three types of grass,Because these three types of lawns differ in performance, the range of use will vary.
2019-6-12 18:14:08
How to maintain the pvc sport flooring manufacturer & supplier in China
PVC sport flooring manufacturer & supplier in China has higher cost performance, more and more sports venues choose to lay pvc sports flooring, and the daily maintenance of vinyl sport flooring manufacturer & supplier in China is more convenient and cheaper.
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